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What Type Of Photos Can We Restore

What Type Of Photos Can We Restore

What type of photos can we restore?

The Art Land team specialise in photo restoration to recapture the magic from your personal history. Do you have precious images that need some specialist care?

Sometimes you may worry that a photograph is beyond repair, but with modern technology we can scan the image and restore it digitally so that your memory is captured and can be enjoyed for many years to come.

Photo restoration is a specialist skill – and one that Art Land takes very seriously. You will be amazed at how our team can restore colour, remove creases and tears and reduce the impact of years of sun damage and fading.

We can even work from old photos, negatives and slides. First we scan the images using our high-resolution scanner and then use our digital expertise to restore photos to their former glory. Naturally we cannot weave pure magic and if it Uncle Bill’s face is missing, unfortunately we cannot magically rebuild his sunny smile….but when it comes to foxing (small brown marks that tarnish the photo and block the image), discolouration and creases and tears, then it is remarkable what our professional team can accomplish.

Old photos simply won’t last forever. The materials they were printed on vary tremendously depending on the technology of the time (and the quality as well). But by using Art Land’s premier photo restoration services you can obtain an electronic copy of your photo restoration as well as the option to print it out on quality photo rag paper or canvas.

And if you elect to frame your restored photo to our conservation standards, you can rest assured your image will be guaranteed to last another 20 years with no fading or discolouration.

So don’t worry about fading memories and where and how to restore old photos, simply bring your box of your treasured prints into our showroom and allow our team to work with you to find the best restoration alternatives to protect your family history.

Follow our 6 step process to protect your photos.

The next step…find out how to turn your photos into artworks.