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What Type Of Art Frames Can We Restore

What Type Of Art Frames Can We Restore

What type of art & frames can we restore?

Art Land loves rejuvenating older artworks and antique frames that have stood the test of time. Do you have neglected artworks in need of some attention or just a good clean?

Everything gets dirty over time – and that includes art. Original oil paintings are rarely covered by glass and therefore over time they tend to accumulate dirt and can be at risk of damage and fading. Watercolours, etchings, pastels and drawings are also at risk from foxing, acid damage, discolouration and fading. Art restoration is the key to protecting these images.

Often this type of damage is very subtle as first and a gradual fading is not noticed by the owner. But over a period of time, and particularly in the harsh Queensland climate, damage to artwork is inevitable and can be horrific. Poor framing, hanging in an inappropriate position, inferior materials and just the inevitable impact of time may result in long term damage to your art.

And if the art is valuable, either to your bank account or just to your family, you need to act quickly to have it assessed and restored by a professional.

Art Land works with professional art restorers on a range of projects for our customers. We are able to quote and assist in the restoration of antique frames and artworks. For example, old oval timber frames, very popular in the 20th century, can be restored beautifully and the intricate craftsmanship polished to show its true beauty.

After the 2011 floods we also helped many, many families clean and restore treasured artworks. One customer brought in a wonderful collection of original art that had been submerged in flood water for nine days! Luckily all of the original paintings were able to be cleaned and restored successfully.

The Picture Framers Guild of Australia, recommends in its industry standards, that framed artworks be assessed by a professional framer every 5 years. At this time the artwork can be reviewed for problems with fading, discolouration as well as potential foxing or acid damage related to the materials adjacent to the artwork.

The professional Art Land team can provide you with assistance, advice and quotes in relation to art and frame restoration. Our passion for art means we are focussed on preserving your treasures and ensuring they will be protected for years to come – through proper restoration techniques and appropriate conservation framing.

If your artworks are fading or have been framed more than 15 years ago, we would strongly recommend a professional review and quote by our quality team.

Follow our 6 step process to protect your art.