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How To Protect Your Memories

How To Protect Your Memories

How to protect your memories

Protection is essential and Art Land has developed a specific 6 step process to protect your memories. Are your memories safe?

Sometimes memories fade so subtly that before you know it they have slipped away. Photos fade, artworks deteriorate and as vulnerable humans, sometimes we simply forget. That is why it is essential to protect your memories. The question is – how?

Art Land has developed a simple 6 step plan to protect your memories.

1. Scan your photos and slides and create a digital family library

We recommend using an online free server such as “Dropbox” or and iCloud solution to save your scanned files. But if you are not comfortable sharing your family photos online, then make a couple of physical copies (on CD, DVD or USB) and hand them out to different family members for safekeeping.

2. Choose the right level of framing – matching, budget, aesthetics and conservation

Under the PFGA industry standards, there are 5 levels of picture framing – but all come with different degrees of quality and as you can imagine, the cheapest frame is usually not the best option to protect your irreplaceable memories.

If inferior materials are used in the mounting of your photographs, the construction of the frame or the type of glass – this is likely to result in damage to your photos and artwork. And if it is precious to you – you need to weigh up the risk of a cheap frame compared to the cost of replacing your art or photo (assuming it can be replaced).

Art Land focuses on the top three grades of framing – starting with Quality Framing which we guarantee for 10 years and up to Museum Grade where we guarantee workmanship and quality for 35 years. Conservation and Museum grade framing are the premium custom framing options which are reversible and give you the best result for longevity and protection.

3. Understand where and how to hang your artwork to minimise damage

It is no secret that harsh sunlight can damage your artwork and will contribute to fading. What most people do not realise is that UV damage can occur through indoor lighting as well. It is important to consider the lighting of where you hang artwork and if strong light is unavoidable, make sure you use conservation grade glass with 99% UV protection (this is Art Land’s standard glass).

Other tips you need to keep in mind is exposure to heat. Hanging artwork on western facing walls that experience extreme variances in heat can also contribute to long term damage. Additionally artwork exposed to high humidity (for example near air-conditioners and bathrooms) can quickly grow mould.

4. Five yearly assessment – glass, materials and artwork condition

The PFGA guidelines for custom picture framing recommend that you have your artworks inspected by a qualified and certified picture framer every five years. At this time we can assess the glass, the materials and the artwork condition. If for example, any evidence of mould was noticed then there is time to identify and fix it before the problem escalates. We can then also give you advice as to why this might be occurring and talk about ways to minimise damage in the future. Like in every aspect of life, prevention is always cheaper than cure and catching potential problems early gives you many more options.

The rule of thumb is – if it is valuable to you – then get it checked regularly.

5. Update your insurance

Your insurance cover must reflect the value of your art and framing, in case disaster strikes. Having helped so many people through the 2011 floods we know exactly how heart-breaking it is to try and fix damaged artworks. It is even worse if there is no insurance to pay for it.

So check your policy, check the value of your artworks and make sure you are covered.

6. Only work with accredited Certified Picture Framers

You probably would not be comfortable using a dentist working from a grubby workshop under the house, so why trust irreplaceable memories and artworks to back-yard framers? Certified Picture Framers must meet certain industry standards and will not be tempted to take short-cuts, behind the scenes with your precious photos and artworks. As with many industries, the quality is in the workmanship that you do not necessarily see upfront – but it is there all the same. If you want quality and value for money – use professionals who have insurance, quality systems and accreditations for your protection.

If you would like to know more about each of these steps – please contact us. Everything you need to know about custom framing, sourcing and hanging artwork and creating the perfect look for your home.