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Winning Color Combinations

Winning Color Combinations

Winning colour combinations

Colour, when introduced to a space in the right proportions, is able to create life, energy and movement. It can be used to guide people through, brighten up, or add a sense of continuity to a space. Framing is a fantastic way to introduce colour while not overwhelming or consuming an area.

Sometimes though, splashing colour onto the wall will create unnecessary contrast, and result in a very conflicting experience. A winning colour combination, can actually be done through introducing neutral tones into the space.

This example shows how neutral frames enable the group of colourful prints to work together and create a beautiful feature that is simple and not overwhelming in colour.

In this setting you can see the artwork uses the accent colours of the accessories – but does so in softer tones so as to support the look and not clash with it overall. Using a single colour in a range of tones is an effective way to build a winning colour combination for a room. It ties it all together without bombarding the eye with exactly the same colour from every angle.

As this room shows – you can use a variety of colours and framing combinations to add a specific look to a neutral room. In the first setting, adding colour through your art adds life and interest to the room.

The second example shows how simple tones with repetition can create a specific look. Neutral tones can work perfectly at creating a framed combination that ties in perfectly with the space, without overwhelming or introducing too many clashing colours. When using neutral tones, the idea is to introduce repetition within the design. Black or dark frames, works well to pull out fine details within images. Neutral mats create a boarder that break all the activity occurring within, from the outer frame.

And the third example shows how an interesting grouping of similar tones can create interest and life to a simple setting. It is also perfect at uniting a collection of images. This can be done through a singular collection, united by a larger frame, or extended through an interesting arrangement in a large space to create a combination that flows and grows.

Of course, a winning colour combination definitely refers to using colours predominantly within a design. To create a successful frame, pick complimentary colours that work well together, and pull out highlighted sections of the artwork.

Colour works well when gently introducing it into the design, especially when a feature colour is pulled out. This can be a perfect way to incorporate a colour back into the space, with the addition of similar toned cushions and a rug, a single colour can create uniformity and familiarity. Try picking out a bold colour, but adding it in splashes around the room, in tiny suggestions.

When framing, colour combinations can be done through pulling out not one, but a range of colours. If an artwork has a singular colour scheme, pulling out three tones of the colour to include in the frame, is a fantastic way to get the colour to flow into the frame design.

Art Land has a tremendous range of colours and frames to select from. In addition to our museum quality mat boards and quality mouldings, we have a constantly growing range of textured and fabric matboards which reflect the latest international trends and styles.

This gorgeous design to frame a 3-dimensional mask was created to complement the rich colours of the piece. We used luscious suede mats, lining the inner sides of the frame, to create a box of colour that holds the mask in its very centre. This is a fine example of the quality and level Art Land designers aim for, when creating design options that complement and work with the artworks brought to us.

Custom picture framing is the perfect way to protect and display unique and beautiful pieces – perhaps from amazing trips overseas, or even family heirlooms full of history and stories. At Art Land, we respect your important memories and we loving showing you ideas that will showcase all the potential of your personal artworks and mementos. Let our team help you select the perfect colour combination for you and your art.