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Hanging Art

Hanging Art

Hanging art

If you want the best trick known about how to hang art to make your house look amazing – then read on! Gallery track systems used to be only available to big organisations and designers, but now, with new technology, this great designer accessory is now available to everyone (and it’s affordable!).

What is it?

Our favourite gallery track system is the Minirail system by Stas, and we have mentioned it a few times before, with good reason!

It is an amazing product, that is perfect for rental places all the way through to gallery styled spaces. It is incredibly simple to set up, easy to rearrange for any combination you could possibly dream of, and even quicker to extend the space to allow for the design to grow, at any later stage.

How does it work?

The system involves a track that runs along the top of the wall, screwed in multiples places to even out the weight strain on your walls. Lengths come in 2m, and have joins to lock them together, making them perfect for any size room.

Wires hang down from the track system, and can slide along to hang in any place they are desired. Hooks, with the use of a button can be pulled up and down the wire lengths, and then locked stationary suitable to support large scale and heavy frames.

Multiple wires can then be hung from the tracks, with multiple hooks on each wire. This means you can create any arrangement to suit your artwork and your room. Later on, if you want to rearrange you can simply adjust where or how the wires and hooks are located, or add in more if necessary. Each linear metre can hold 25kg of weight – so this system is strong and versatile.

So if you like the idea of adding something completely new and fresh to your artwork or changing around your art or room for the season – it’s all up to you! The minirail system is exactly what you need to give you the flexibility and ease you wish.

Why is it perfect?

A range of types of hooks and wires are available for this system which means you can hang both large and small artworks. For example, that gorgeous large mirror, despite being so heavy, can still be hung in your dinning room without scattering your walls with countless holes (and causing marital riffs in the process!).

This is absolutely perfect for DIY designers. It enables complete flexibility and control over your space. It’s a product integrated into our own store for many years, and we have found it absolutely wonderful. One set of holes, supporting the lengths around the edges of our gallery, and we are constantly able to rearrange our designs, to integrate every piece of breathtaking design our framers come up with, back into our space with no hassles, no added holes, and no stress.

A hanging system like the minirail system can work perfectly within your own home too. Feel free to drop into our showroom and talk with our team and look at the gallery system to see just how easy and versatile it is. Ask us as many questions as you wish! We love this system, and are more than happy to show you exactly why it works so well.

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