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Repair & Restoration

Repair And Restoration Services

Need to breathe new life into old artworks, frames or photos?  
Art Land can help with a range of repair and restoration services for all aspects of art and framing.  Our services include:

We can also organise professional art valuations if you have something special that you need to be valued for insurance or personal reasons.  Talk to our team today to find out more - or click below to read in more detail.

Glass Replacement

No need to cry over broken glass - it can be fixed.

In fact damaged prints and artworks - from broken glass to old chipped frames and mouldy mat boards can all be fixed, repaired or replaced.  If you have something with broken glass, just wrap it up carefully (don't cut yourself) and bring it to our showroom. Our team will assess the damage and we can quote on replacing the glass. This might also be a good time to look at re-framing to give your artwork or photo a “make-over”.

Too often, these types of jobs go into the "too hard basket" and great family photos end up sitting in a cupboard or a garage with shards of broken glass. It’s dangerous, so don't ignore it or throw it out just because the glass is broken.  That's like shaving off all of your hair just because you had a bad haircut once!

Bring it in and let’s see what we can do to get your picture back on the wall – a “no tears” solution.

Frame Repairs or Replacement

Art Land loves rejuvenating older artworks and antique frames that have stood the test of time. Do you have neglected artworks in need of some attention or just a good clean?

Over time frames can become chipped, dirty or unstable.  Bring in your older frames and our professional team can assess the damage and give you options about repairing the existing frame or replacing it if necessary.

Art Restoration Services

Everything gets dirty over time – and that includes art.

Original oil paintings are rarely covered by glass and therefore over time they tend to accumulate dirt and can be at risk of damage and fading. Watercolours, etchings, pastels and drawings are also at risk from foxing, acid damage, discolouration and fading. Art restoration is the key to protecting these images.

Often this type of damage is very subtle as first and a gradual fading is not noticed by the owner. But over a period of time, and particularly in the harsh Queensland climate, damage to artwork is inevitable and can be horrific. Poor framing, hanging in an inappropriate position, inferior materials and just the inevitable impact of time may result in long term damage to your art.

We can provide restoration quotes for:

  • Oil paintings
  • Watercolours
  • Etchings
  • Pencil & ink drawings

Bring in your original artworks and we can provide a quote for professional restoration. If it something unusual, feel free to call our team first for a discussion about your specific needs. We are always happy to help.

Photo Restoration Services

The Art Land team specialise in photo restoration to recapture the magic from your personal history. Do you have precious images that need some specialist care?

Sometimes you may worry that a photograph is beyond repair, but with modern technology we can scan the image and restore it digitally so that your memory is captured and can be enjoyed for many years to come.

Photo restoration is a specialist skill – and one that Art Land takes very seriously. You will be amazed at how our team can restore colour, remove creases and tears and reduce the impact of years of sun damage and fading.

We can even work from old photos, negatives and slides. First we scan the images using our high-resolution scanner and then use our digital expertise to restore photos to their former glory.

Contact us today about your old photo collection.