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Picture Framing

Picture Framing

Frame Your Story....

Our custom picture framing is designed to turn your photos and pictures into art - using beautiful designs, conservation framing techniques and providing great service and value.

What favourite pictures or memories do you have at home that that would be great to frame?

Our team can provide you with a range of design ideas and quotes.   And if you haven't had custom framing before, we will explain the process and talk about your choices with respect to materials and design to help you find the perfect balance between design and budget.  

Find out more about our picture framing services below:

What do we frame?

Our team love a challenge as you will see as you browse through our gallery below or facebook page.  But we regularly frame the following:

  • Original artworks including oil paintings, watercolours, etchings, pastels and mixed media pieces
  • Prints including Limited Editions
  • Photos (we also print photos on canvas and on high quality photo lustre papers too)
  • Jerseys and other 3-D memorabilia including bats, balls, hats and other keepsakes
  • Tarpas & fabrics and other delicate artworks that are more unusual
  • Papyrus and other travel mementoes
  • Wedding photos, bouquets and other wedding accessories
  • Mirrors - custom made to any size.

If you have a few items to frame, look at our special framing packages or sign up for newsletter to access our framing specials throughout the year.

What is Custom Picture Framing?

Custom picture framing is like building your dream home.

You choose the design, the materials, the builder and it becomes your castle.   For every artwork, photo or special treasure we build a frame that will make it beautiful and safe.  Designed to look amazing and designed to last.

Often we are asked how much does it cost? And like all good things in life - the answer is  "it depends".

Because it depends on the level of materials and design you choose for your artwork.  Typically the more complex design and the more high-quality materials you use, your investment will also increase.  The good news is it looks better too!  But for the record, while we can start framing  from around $150, our average custom picture frame is normally between $300 - $500.

At Art Land we approach design based on you what you want. We ask you:

  • How long do you want it to last?

  • How important is how it looks?

  • And of course, what is your budget?

And we aim to match all three elements for your picture or photo.

Talk to our team today about how we can create framing designs to compliment your picture and home

Framing Gallery

Browse through our gallery below for some of the more interesting items we have framed in recent years.  
If you love it, then frame it.

Frame Your Story.