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Canvas Artworks

Canvas Artworks

Canvas artworks are always popular and Art Land provides specialist services to stretch canvas using our quality timber stretcher bars made from  premium timber.

Our professional team can help with a variety of canvas needs including:

Contact us today for a quote or to find out more about our canvas artwork options.

Original Artworks on Canvas

Original oil or acrylic paintings on canvas can be stretched or framed.  When you bring your rolled artwork on canvas to our Toowong showroom our team will be give you a range of framing and stretching options.  The simplest way is to directly the stretch the canvas onto premium timber stretcher bars.

However there are also options for framing, or a combination of stretching and framing (see our notes below on shadowbox frames).  

The decision to stretch a canvas (or even to stretch a fabric to create an artwork) is based on the durability and tension in the material and this will always be assesed by our team at the start.  Bear in mind that often original canvas such as Aboriginial Artworks are not entirely square and this will impact your final artwork.

We can also re-stretch a canvas if you have had to take it off the original bars for travel or personal reasons.  

Contact us today for a quote to stretch your original artwork on canvas.

Shadow Box Frames for Canvas

An original artwork is most often stretched over a 38mm stretcher bar but it can then also be framed with a shadow box frame to give it a finished look.  A shadow box frame provides an outer edge often with a 5mm gap between the image and the frame. This gives the "shadow" effect that maintains the look and feel of the origional artwork.

Adding a shadow box frame to your canvas gives it added durability as well as modern, finished feel.

We have a range of colours, styles and looks for you to choose the perfect shadow box frame for your artwork.  This includes natural timber frames, standard black and white as well as a range of speciality colours and our hand-made Italian Bellini frames as well.

Visit our showroom today for a personalised design quote for your canvas art or contact us if you have any questions.

Photos on Canvas

Art Land transforms your digital photos into living art on your walls using canvas printing to create the best quality and stunning photos on canvas. Do you have great photos sitting on your phone or computer?  Why not turn your photo library into a wall of art by printing your photos on canvas?

Unlike many other online or big brand canvas printers, where you upload your photos and cross your fingers, at Art Land our professional digital specialist will personally talk with you about layout, colour and composition. We offer our advice and experience to make sure your canvas prints look incredible. It is the things we do behind the scenes, such as calibrating our monitors, that ensure our canvas prints are top quality and colour correct.

Great snaps from your holidays, your family or any combination are perfect for canvas prints. And they make awesome, memorable gifts for family and friends as well.

Prints on Canvas

At Art Land you can print either your own digital image or browse through our large catalogue of prints to find the perfect piece for your home or office.  Now many artworks are available as "print on demand" which means you can specifiy the exact size you want for a specific image.  

We print on canvas or high quality photo lustre or watercolour papers. We can also print on acrylic and metal services to give you a specialist effect.

Looking for inspirational art? Something different and colourful, something that is just “you”?

Visit Art Land’s showroom for a range of exquisite, modern and traditional art. We have a range of art and high quality giclee prints to suit every taste and every budget. And if you can’t find something on our walls that is perfect, then browse through our catalogues for even more ideas.