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Why Does Custom Framing Cost More Than The Print?

Why Does Custom Framing Cost More Than The Print?

Our designers are often approached with art works, that our clients have collected from overseas holidays, or small prints from online stores. Lovely pieces of work, that look absolutely stunning, but didn’t cost too much to purchase.

And a question pops up quite a bit. “This print only cost me $10! Why does it cost me so much to frame it?”

Choosing a frame

There are so many personalised elements to choose from when creating the perfect frame design.

The answer is – custom framing is a specialised craft whereby every element of your frame is chosen, ordered and crafted specifically for your artwork. It is one of the few decorating items where you can choose the exact colours, size and style to match your personal tastes exactly.

And of course, when we frame something – we use the best materials and we take the time to match your art perfectly.

When choosing framing designs, there are of course, simpler options that are more cost effective so it is definitely possible to frame to a budget. However to frame something so that it complements the piece and looks absolutely amazing, whether it was from a holiday, a family photo, or even the Mona Lisa, it will always cost a little bit more. The good things always do!

So if you are picking up some art from a holiday, don’t think about the price of the piece when choosing your frame. Instead – focus on how much you enjoy the art. If you are going to remember your holiday every time you walk past, then choose a framing design that suits you and your budget, and enjoy it on your walls for the next 10 or 20 years!