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Walk like an Egyptian

Walk like an Egyptian

Have you walked in the paths of the Pharaohs?  
Explored the great pyramids and gazed upon the Sphinx?  

If you have, you probably also have a papyrus as a memento of your journey.   Papyrus is amazing art and an interesting material as well.  Made from the stem of the papyrus plant, the Egyptians created a writing surface that was essentially rot-resistant in their dry, hot conditions.

But, fast-forward to a hot, humid Brisbane summer and you can have serious issues when it comes to holding and displaying your gorgeous Egyptian spoils. Papyrus will attract mould and moisture in humid conditions which can lead to decay and discolouration for your art.

So how do you ensure your papyrus will last?

Option 1 – Go back to Egypt and buy another papyrus? Exciting, but not always feasible.

Option 2 - Frame your papyrus to conservation standards. This means spending a little more on using quality, acid-free materials now can mean the difference in keeping your artwork for the long term.

Now, while I always love the excuse for an overseas trip, realistically (as they say) prevention is better than cure. So I would recommend choosing a frame and design that both shows off your treasure and protects it properly.

Framing a papyrus is like holding up a trophy of your travel adventures.

So why no re-live your Egyptian escapades this week and pull out those wonderful papyri (yes, that’s the plural, I did check!) tucked away in the drawer - and simply imagine how much better they would look on your walls.