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The Pros and Cons of Digital Restoration

You have an old photo of your parents on their wedding day and over the years, despite being in a frame, the photo has been damaged. The image has faded, it looks like it might even be stuck to the glass, and you see a range of funny brown marks eating their way through your photo. But just because it’s a photo doesn’t mean it is beyond repair. Photos can be digitally restored.

The Negatives?

No pun intended….but realistically, what is the downside of restoring photos? The key thing is that most digital restoration is done on a scanned copy of the image. This means that the restored photo is then reprinted on new paper (or canvas or whatever takes your fancy). So, while we can’t work magic and remove the tears and acid damage from the original copy of the photo – we can restore the image and create a new, restored photo for you.

The Positives?

3 hour, KOPITTKE, Rosemary

Digital restorations are perfect for one thing in particular – second chances!

There are so many benefits to digitally restoring a photograph. Once scanned in, the digital copy will never disintegrate any further. A digital restoration can be continually improved over a period of time. If an error occurred, the restoration can be started all over from scratch – unlike restoring an original artwork, where there is only ever one chance to get it absolutely perfect.

Once the restoration is complete, the flexibility a digital copy has is endless. The photo can be directly printed out, and replace the original photo in a frame or as part of an album. The digital file can simultaneously be saved on every computer you have access to. It could even be sent via email to your entire family, so they could have access to the new improved image as well. In fact it’s a great way to pool family history and make sure all family members have access to equal photographic memorabilia. (A touchy point in many families!)

Unlimited potential?

Digital restorations aren’t just restricted to old photos. We can “improve” current images too! Do you have a favourite photo, except for the random stranger’s head that happens to be included in the pic? Or that photo where something floated directly in front of your face the split second the camera took the photo? Are the reflections on the car too distracting when you were trying to take that awesome picture of the groom before the wedding? Digital restoration can help with all of these issues and more!

No need to worry about that niggling reflection, that power line in the background or those random strangers. Edit them out and enjoy your new and old photos for years to come.

It’s true that life’s never quite perfect. But there’s no reason your photos can’t be!