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Tap into your inner-interior-designer!

Tap into your inner-interior-designer!

Yes, everyone really does have one!

But sometimes it’s hard to find the inspiration or confidence to translate that look from the glossy magazine (or Pinterest) to your home.But with some expert help and a few key tips, you can quite easily unlock the secret to finding your inner interior designer.

I always hear people say “Oh, I’m not ‘arty’ like you” but really, what they mean is that they don’t spend their days looking at colour and art the way I get to. Most people are simply too busy working, raising kids, juggling family & friends etc to immerse themself in colour and art on a regular basis.

So then, when they do decide to put something on the wall or decorate, they feel uncertain. Probably a bit how I feel if I ever walk into a gym - it’s not my natural, comfort zone!

But the same way regular training can help my gym phobia, looking at art, furniture and admiring beautiful room settings can help to get your “design-eye” into focus. Between Facebook, Pinterest and other web-based magazines you have the global design world at your fingertips.

My 3 quick tips for finding your inner-interior designer are:

1. Make time to look around...
Visit showrooms, browse the internet and take some time to see what's on offer.

2. Look carefully...
When you find something you like, look a bit more carefully at the individual elements. Sometimes combinations of colour, texture and proportion are the secret.

3. Ask for help...
If you are struggling, always ask for help. Us "arty" people love to share and will happily discuss colour and style with anyone!

Finding your inner-interior designer is like discovering your own secret talent.
Find yours. Embrace it and share it.  You'll be amazed at your own creativity.