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Star Wars...Sometimes it's hard to let go....

Star Wars: Sometimes it's hard to let go....

I grew up with both Star Wars and two brothers, so it was inevitable that I would spend half my time pretending to be either Princess Leia (on a good hair day) or more often Chewbacca (on a bad hair day).  

I remember climbing trees after school, running around with blasters, chasing Darth Vader and generally saving the universe on a regular basis – quite often while riding my bike!

The reason I mention this, is that my older brother was recently going through some old boxes and came across his old Han Solo blaster gun, and (naturally) he asked me to frame it for him.  Well I took this grubby, plastic gun to our showroom and the team were in raptures over the thing.  The amount of debate, design and love that got poured into this project was incredible (and quite hilarious!).

So I’ve posted below a photo of the finished product, and I’m sorry to get your hopes up – this one’s definitely not for sale - but it got me thinking about what’s important to frame.  Fine art is a joy and photos are your personal story, but there is no doubt that the average bloke loves a trip down memory lane, particularly one redolent in blasters, heroes and boyish dreams.

So if you know someone with a collection of toys that they can’t quite part with, maybe this Christmas you can turn these toys into art and create a conversation piece for your home (or possibly just the man-cave). 

Remember, art makes you happy – and happy memories make a happy home.