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Free Scanning & Restoration 2013

“After the floods in 2011 we helped scan and restore hundreds of photos. We are ready to help again in 2013.”

Flood damaged photosFREE Photo Scanning & Restoration for QLD Flood Victims

We are offering FREE photo scanning and restoration services to the 2013 Queensland flood victims. Our business was lucky to remain high and dry, but we want to be able to help people less fortunate, in a tangible way – using our specialist skills. We know that so many people worry about losing photos and special memorabilia to water damage and we may be able to help.

For all Queensland Flood Victims Art Land Indooroopilly will:

  • Scan up to 10 photos for free using our high-resolution professional scanner
  • Digitally restore 2 photographs that have suffered severe flood damage
  • Reprint two copies (6” x 8”) of each of the restored photographs
  • Provide a quality CD with all images saved on it
  • Provide an information link on how to save images to internet servers
  • Provide specialist advice regarding other conservation and preservation options relevant to personal collections of photos, memorabilia, artworks and books.

This service is provided FREE to all Queenslanders who have suffered water or flood damage as a result of the January 2013 flood disaster.

Many people don’t realise that water logged photos and pictures can be cleaned and dried. It is very important to get the items to us as quickly as possible so we can assess the damage and recover the images as much as possible.

To save as much as possible from your photo collections, artworks and important documents, the aim is to remove the mud and debris as quickly as possible by gentle cleaning and then dry them to reduce mould or deterioration of the paper. If you do not have time immediately to dry the photos properly, then they can often be placed in plastic zip lock bags and frozen. When you have time they should be carefully removed from the freezer, defrosted and air-dried properly. We also recommend scanning all photos & documents to preserve as much as possible of the original images.

Our blog provides more detailed information on how to carefully apply these steps to photos, framed artwork, papers and books. For framed artworks and framed photos we recommend that you bring the framed piece to us as soon as possible so our qualified picture framers can carefully take them apart and assess the damage.

Art Land Indooroopilly employs specialist digital experts and qualified picture framers who use state of the art equipment and software to produce high resolution scans and we do offer a full photo restoration and art work restoration service.

We know from the work we did for victims of the 2011 floods just how devastating it can be to lose family history. If you are worried about your artworks or your photos, please contact us for assistance and advice as soon as possible.