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Should I Frame That?

Should I Frame That?

You should put something beautiful here“Should I really frame that?” It’s a question we hear quite a lot, and is often followed with;

“but I only bought it for $15!”

Last weekend, I had multiple customers mentioning how they struggled to comprehend spending money on something that cost so little to buy in the first place.

So I put the question back to you all. Should you really frame that?

A beautiful abstract, that does not visually represent anything, yet the customer loved the colours so much, he was compelled to buy it on a recent overseas holiday. But now back at home, he was unsure if it was worth framing. So we asked him if he loved it. And he did. So the answer was?

He should frame that.

A hand drawn family portrait a couple’s daughter created for them when she was just five years old, brings huge smiles every time they see it.

They should frame that.

After four years of dedication to a university degree, a customer brought in her certificate to frame, and told us how she almost abandoned it part way through. However, she followed her dreams and achieved her goals, now has the job she always hoped for. Such an incredible achievement as this should never be hidden away in a cupboard or a draw.

She NEEDS to frame that!

things are beautiful if you love them

Jean Anouilh, a French playwrite, once said “Things are beautiful, if you love them.” And if you love something, then it would look incredible on any wall, regardless of who made it, where it came from, or how much it cost. So next time you are thinking whether you should spend some money on framing something, ask yourself “Do I love this?” If the answer is yes, then that is all that truly matters.