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Renovators Delight - do it with art

Renovators Delight - do it with art

I am not a keen renovator.

I know the “DIY” attitude is inherently Australian, but somehow just watching those poor souls on “The Block” sanding walls at midnight is enough to make me break into a sweat.

But the trouble with these shows is that I can’t help but be inspired by the finished looks.   I confess, I’m addicted to the “before” and “after” shots and marvel at their ingenuity (whilst reclining on my couch at home)

But the thing is, I have a secret weapon for lazy renovators.

Lots of it.

Now, don’t get me wrong – I know you can’t hide a dodgy bathroom with an oil painting and I’m not suggesting that you hang a canvas to cover up holes in the wall - but when it’s a minor facelift your talking about – art can make a big difference.

And if it’s a choice between painting walls or hanging things on walls – I know which one is easier.

And even better – if you end up selling the property (because it now looks so great) you keep your art.  That’s right.
No more frustration about “doing up houses” for other people’s benefit – this makeover is yours to keep.

So no need to do it on the cheap, because you pick pieces you love and you do it to last and look good for the long term.

Using art to dress up your home for sale is the visual equivalent to baking bread and having that warm, aroma lingering in your kitchen.  It’s a delicious, visual stimulant which could mean your renovation is a tasty success.

So think about artwork and pictures on the wall for your home or project and  consider how you can dress up your renovation with an easy, attractive artistic solution.