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No Walls? No Excuse

No Walls? No Excuse

Ever looked wistfully at art in a shop or gallery and thought “Oh well, if only I had room..”  We tend to think in a very linear manner when it comes to hanging pictures on our walls and think our walls are “full”.

But there are a myriad of hanging and display solutions specifically designed for compact walls and spaces. 

Your pictures are your story and as your family grows so should your walls.  Filled with photos, artwork and mementoes there’s no such as thing as “too much” art on your walls.  True, occasionally it’s important to re-arrange, re-frame and re-decorate – but that’s part of the journey too...working out what’s treasure and what’s trash as our lives change.

Naturally I’m biased, but I strongly encourage you to not fall into the trap of “I’ve got no wall space!”  It’s like saying that because you have two feet, you only need two shoes.  (And we all know that’s not true!)  So artwork and pictures can be rearranged, to suit your fashion, to suit your season and to suit your mood.  Shuffle things around, look at your walls with fresh eyes and at the end of the day if you love looking at it, you’ll find a space for it that works in your home.

Happy art, happy walls, happy you!