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Let the Sun Shine - Not!

Let the Sun Shine - Not!

Have you ever noticed prints on the wall with a faded, blue appearance?

That’s because the UV light has leeched the colour away and left a drab, bluish remnant. And you've probably noticed, red is often the first colour to fade and things don't look so good when the red has disappeared!

Why does it happen?

You see, there’s glass and then there’s “glass” in the picture framing industry. The standard glass you see in a regular picture frame blocks out only 45% of the UV light, whereas Conservation UV Glass blocks out 99%.

It’s important because using Conservation UV Glass for your photos and art is just like putting sunscreen on your skin. It blocks the harmful and damaging UV light. And in the same way sunscreen prevents your skin from burning and potentially more dangerous sun damage, UV glass protects your image from the fading and discolouration caused by UV light.

Most people think if the image isn’t in direct sunlight it will be fine. But the truth is that UV light comes from both indoor and outdoor light and fading (photodegradation) is inevitable. Ultraviolet light has a bleaching effect and some items such as fabrics and watercolours are even more prone to fading. Once an art work has faded it can be expensive (and sometimes impossible) to restore.

Of the three types of energy contained in sunlight – ultraviolet radiation, visible light and infared radiation – ultraviolet (UV) light can be the most dangerous (from “Cool in the shade” Texas A&M University).

So if we “Slip, Slop, Slap” for ourselves every summer – do your art and photos a favour and make sure you use Conservation UV glass to keep them safe as well.