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Is your future colourful?

What colour is your future?

I happened to glance at a Star Trek movie last week on TV (don't judge me!), but I must confess, I'm not really a "Trekkie".   In fact when it comes to sci-fi movies in general, I'm a bit "ho-hum".

But as I sat and watched Mr Spock get "beamed up" it struck me why so many of these sci-fi movies do not appeal to me at all.  

There is no colour.

Have a look and you'll see what I mean.

Every space-ship and futuristic world that I can think of seems to be bereft of art and colour.   And it got me thinking as to why?  
If a futuristic world can develop technology to go into "hyper-drive", travel through galaxies or build drones or robots that can do virtually anything - what's so hard about putting a few pictures on the wall?

Does progress and technology need to go hand in hand with blank white, silver and grey walls?  

And why would we imagine that a civilisation that can develop these technologies would not focus on building things that are beautiful and functional?  After all - mankind has focused on the fusion between form and function since time began.  

So my challenge to you today is... make sure your future is colourful.

Make sure that you fulfil that essential human characteristic that yearns for the colours of nature - not just concrete - to make your personal castle (or spaceship) enriching, welcoming and beautiful.

We may not yet be jumping into hyper-speed (although some days sure do feel like it), but let's make sure our future is a mix of technology and colour.

Have a great week and... "live long and prosper!"