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Is custom framing expensive?

Is custom framing expensive?

It’s a common question…. “Is custom framing expensive?”

And the simple answer is – it depends!

It really depends on your artwork and your style. You see, custom framing is one of the few design components for your home where you have the option to customise every single element. When we custom frame an artwork each component is ordered in specifically for your piece. It is truly 100% unique to you. And as you can imagine – the price will vary for each piece based on the materials and time it takes to build your custom frame.

Framing design at Art LandOur team are trained to show you a series of design options that will showcase your art. This can include “a simple black frame” design – but we can also show you a “wow that looks amazing” design. And we think if you know your options you can then decide which design suits you (and your budget) best.

So – do we think custom framing is expensive? No – not expensive – but it is an investment. If you want quality materials, the right design advice and to make sure your art work is framed to conservation standards you need to use professionals. At Art Land we believe we offer value to our customers and our custom framing will stand the test of time.

How much will it cost me to frame my picture?

It’s hard to say exactly. You see, we have a tremendous range of frames, and each frame will be priced differently and the complexity of the design will impact this as well. Some frames are covered in gold leaf, some are hand crafted in Italy and we also have basic black, silver and timber frames too.

Finding the perfect frame is a little like finding the perfect black dress – there are literally thousands of black dresses to choose from, every single one of them a different look, a different material, and a very different price.

Examples of pricing

To give you an idea of the prices when framing something, we have a couple of examples.

  1. A simple frame around an original oil painting, possibly one found on an overseas trip, can start at about $150. Framing the same piece in an Italian, gold leaf ornate frame could increase this same picture to over $500 or even more.
  2. Framing a family photo requires a different mounting technique, mat boards and quality glass. A single mat design such as this might start at around $200, and would increase as more elements are added to the design. Our average custom framing job is around the $400 mark for art and photos.

Have a look at the Chagall prints below for another example. We have framed this print in four ways to demonstrate how different designs can create vastly different looks – even on the same print.

Four examples to show how to transform a simple image, into a incredible statement piece.

Four examples to show how to transform a simple image, into a incredible statement piece.

In the end?

Custom framing is exactly that – customizable. If you have a budget in mind tell us, and we will do everything to find something that works for you and your art. However, when trying to guage the possible price of getting something framed, the best way is to bring it into our showroom and we can go through a variety of designs and prices, to see what suits you best.

Just think – if you spent $500 framing your favourite family photo and it hangs on your wall for 10 years, this is less than 14 cents a day for 10 years of joy. We think it’s a great investment.