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Art Land Indooroopilly was proud to have recently been commissioned to frame the 4 metre Brisbane city panorama drawn by internationally acclaimed artist and savant, Stephen Wiltshire. The completed artwork was by far the largest we had framed and after 6 months at the Qld State Library, it is on display in our showroom for a brief time.

However, a project of this type is never without challenges. Read the story below to see how it all unfolded…

Late one Thursday afternoon Adam Green, owner of Art Land Indooroopilly received a phone call with an urgent request. The State Library, together with Arowana Partners Group was hosting the visit of renowned artist Stephen Wiltshire and he was due to start drawing his epic city panorama on Friday at the State Library. The reason for the panic, it became clear, was that the paper to be used in the 4 metre drawing was not mounted correctly and no-one was able to fix it.

If the paper was not right – Stephen would be unable to draw.

Adam asked some questions about the problem and realising the gravity of the problem – assured them that Art Land would solve the problem. Adam, together with Glen Andrews, Art Land’s Head Picture Framer, headed to the State Library early on Friday morning – armed with an arsenal of artist supplies, acid-free mounting materials and paper. Using their expertise and ingenuity, the Art Land team mounted the high quality drawing paper in a curved board.

The paper was ready and Stephen began.

Over the course of the next four days Brisbane locals and the media took avid interest in Stephen’s art and watched in amazement as he drew the cityscape – in detail and mostly by memory. The view, the buildings, the river and the incredible detail emerged from his unwavering hand – drawing for the most part in pen and ink.

By the end of the fourth day the artwork was complete.



Creative suggestion

The Framing Challenge

The logistical problems associated with framing a pencil drawing that is 4 metres long may not be readily apparent to the causal eye. But Adam and the Art Land team knew this would be a difficult job. Not the least because frame moulding lengths are manufactured to a global standard of 3 metres. This meant that there was no standard frame moulding long enough to use to frame the drawing.

To overcome this problem, Adam worked with a boutique, Australian moulding manufacturer who agreed to run the desired frame to 5 metre lengths. The only problem then, was transporting the high quality frame lengths from Melbourne to our Brisbane showroom.

Through each step of the process to frame this massive artwork to international, conservation standards, Adam negotiated special materials and sizes to ensure the quality materials necessary could be obtained and used. These elements, combined with the skill and passion of our talented team created our largest frame ever.

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The end result is an amazing, detailed Brisbane City Panorama that showcases the best of custom framing. Integrating design, durabilty and ingenuity.

Adam and the Art Land gratefully acknowledge the generous support and enthusiasm shown by all of our suppliers in this special project.

We are very proud to have been involved in framing and caring for such a unique art work and we look forward to Stephen’s next exciting project.



Reveal to client

And here is what our client had to say…

I’m more than impressed with the level of service received from Adam Green and his team at Art Land, not to mention their unrivalled technical skill. They truly saved my bacon!

Stephen Wiltshire is an internationally acclaimed artist and I was challenged with organising the construction of a huge frame and canvas (1m high x 4m wide!) for Stephen to draw on while on show in the State Library of Queensland over a four-day period. The event drew an enormous crowd and also avid interest from the media.

At the eleventh hour, the paper was destroyed while being hung by an inexperienced ‘artist’. I personally called nearly every single framing company in the whole of Brisbane trying to find a company to help with my unique, large and time-critical request. Art Land was the last place I called and they jumped at the challenge – no others would even consider it!

Art Land did such a professional job hanging the paper we commissioned them to frame the final artwork which is now a revered piece of art, currently on display at the State Library of Queensland

Sarah Buckle
Business Relations Manager – Arowana Partners Group


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