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Fix 80s Fashion Crimes

Fix 80s Fashion Crimes

It’s true, I confess that I had a perm in the 80s and even, I shudder to remember, in the 1990s. At the time I was positive those contrived, chemical waves were for the best. Now those family photos make me think differently. That’s the dreadful thing about fashion crimes – one is always innocent at the time!

We can't do much about the shoulder pads and the perms from the 1980s but we can make sure those memories look as good as possible. While the hair styles and clothes make me giggle a bit in retrospect, when I look at my old photos, I don’t just remember the hair – I remember how I felt, where we were going and who I was with. And I always smile. That’s because the image is more than my perm, it’s my life.

And life is full of funny memories and bad hair days. So while your 80s wardrobe may not dazzle you right now – that doesn’t mean the memory can’t. You see, how you display your memories is a fashion crime that can be fixed. You can turn your 80’s fashion faux-pas into a fantastic family wall of memories. How? Get rid of those narrow old aluminium and timber frames, repair the fading images and create a modern fresh look using a combination of great framing and great design.

Too often these old photos are left to fade in old, cheap frames and over time you will see the colour leeching away - reds and blues disappearing, until it’s hard to say what the original colour was meant to be. Now is the time to dig through those photos and rescue the images before it’s too late. Once the colour has faded it can be difficult to restore. And (as with everything in life), prevention is always cheaper than cure! A good tip is to scan your favourite older photos and create a digital copy (make sure you have a good back up as well). This is an especially good tip for sharing favourite family photos and could even be a wonderful Christmas idea for extended family members to share.

Once you have the photos protected and restored, it’s time to consider your framing options. Good framing has two components – protection and design. Framing is about conserving and protecting your images. A conservation custom frame will protect your images for up to 20 years – unlike a ready-made frame. The second element is design. Good framing design will make your photos look amazing - choosing colours and styles to match you, your home and your photos.

So while you may not be able to erase those fashion crimes, remember that good framing and good design can make a trip down memory lane a lot more enjoyable!