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Don't cry over broken glass!

Don't cry over broken glass!

No need to cry over broken glass - it can be fixed!

In fact damaged prints and artworks - from broken glass to old chipped frames and mouldy mat boards can all be fixed, repaired or replaced.

Just the other day my brother handed me an old photo of his travelling adventures, which he found when cleaning up, and the glass was smashed.

He was wavering between throwing it out and keeping it. But when I looked at it - it was an easy fix. We simply replaced the glass and the backing, gave it some new (stronger) hanging wire and hey-presto – the photo was back to its former glory (as long as he doesn't drop it again!)

If you have something with broken glass, just wrap it up carefully (don't cut yourself) and bring it to our showroom. Our team will assess the damage and we can quote on replacing the glass. Sometimes this can also be a great time to look at re-framing to give your artwork or photo a “make-over”.

Too often, these types of jobs go into the "too hard basket" and great family photos end up sitting in a cupboard or a garage with shards of broken glass. It’s dangerous, so don't ignore it or throw it out just because the glass is broken.  That's like shaving off all of your hair just because you had a bad haircut once!

Bring it in and let’s see what we can do to get your picture back on the wall – a “no tears” solution!