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Control Freaks - we have the answer!

Control Freaks - we have the answer!

Like your own way? Don't mind calling the shots, or leading the way?

You are not alone!

We all secretly like to have our own stamp of approval on things and why not I say? It's about knowing your own mind and trusting your own judgement. Powerful feelings.

The tricky thing is, often when it comes to home furnishings we can't have it all our own way. Architects and builders tell us logistical reasons why things won't work, suppliers give us limited colour or style options for furniture. Quite frankly it can get a little hard. (particularly for us control freaks!)

The good news is compared to many other furniture purchases for your home, putting art on the walls is one area where you can have total control. Which is great; because it means you can choose colours and designs (and budgets) that suit you perfectly.

And realistically, while custom framing is not a basic option, when you consider the individual nature of each piece, the way colours are chosen to match your artwork perfectly and then ordered cut and built to your exact requirements – for a bespoke piece of furniture - it’s excellent value.

Just like our friends at TimberArt Furniture, our team value quality materials combined with superior design to give you the perfect, bespoke piece.

So if you like a bit of control – custom framing might be just the ticket you’re looking for.
It's like the ultimate Subway sandwich for your art - picking the bits you like best to create your own signature look.