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Bare Walls?

Bare Walls?

Are your blank walls crying out for art and colour?

For many people, buying art is an alien concept and rather than make a mistake - it's easier to just ignore it and live with blank walls a little longer. Choosing art can be like choosing a mobile phone plan – too many options and no way of knowing which one is best for you.

In our busy lives, art is luxury. It's not a basic necessity like food or shelter, butbuying art makes you feel goodand here's 3 good reasons why you should give it a go.

Reason #1: Blank walls are boring.
Yes I know all the designers will tell me that white looks fresh and modern – but blank walls can be impersonal, boring and uninspiring. What are your walls saying about you?

Reason # 2: Tell your own stories.
A home becomes a home when it has stories to tell. (Sounds like a line from “Playschool” I know, but it’s true!) Your art (and your walls) reflect what’s important to you. Most renters hate the fact they can’t hang things on the wall because your place never quite looks like home until the pictures are up.

Reason #3: Be fresh, different & unique.
The thing to remember is, if you like the art and connect with it – then it’s perfect for you. The best art is something that you enjoy looking at and that also encourages conversation and ideas.

So, today’s tip is: don’t be afraid to lash out and buy some art.
A print, a poster, an original or even frame something special to you and create art that is unique and personal.

And once you get your art –hang it up!