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Bad art happens

Bad art happens

Do you have bad art on your wall?  

And by that I mean maybe a piece you inherited, a gift or just something that your other half treasures for some mad reason?  

Bad art happens.  

And when it's hanging in your home it can be awkward.  Because if you don't like looking at it, well, you won't like looking at it.  Ever.
   But the rule of thumb that you need to remember is;

"Good art deserves a good frame, but bad art needs one!"

Keep this in mind when thinking how best to manage your "bad art" pieces. Believe it or not, even bad art can be made presentable with good framing design.

We have rescued some amazing art (and people) over the years, transforming pieces that they really didn't like (but needed to keep for sentimental reasons) into artworks that they actually enjoyed.  Really - it is possible!

How?  Well a good framing design can make a huge difference.  Putting together the right colour combination and the right proportions means we can focus on the best elements of your piece.  Not only can we "makeover" your art to suit your decor, we can focus on the elements that appeal to you.  

So if you have something on your walls that just irks you every time you walk past.  Call in and let us help you turn it from "bad art" into "gorgeous art" that suits you and your home.