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Something I've been thinking about...

Something I've been thinkinga bout....

Do you know sometimes when you have a brilliant thought about a project and you keep thinking...."I must do that!"  

I have one of "those" ideas.
And I have been talking about doing it for over 12 months now. And no, I haven't done it yet.

When I told Adam my husband, what I wanted; he rolled his eyes.
When I told Glen our head framer, what I wanted; he tried to smile bravely.
When I told Leah our senior designer, what I wanted; her eyes lit up!

So normally in our newsletters I like to share projects we have done - framing dirt bike tyres, framing original art, papyrus, photos etc.  All the wonderful art and artifacts that come our way that we have framed creatively and to conservation standards.

This time it's a bit different.  I want to share with you my wistful project that we haven't even started yet - but with a bit of luck my public announcement will get the ball rolling.  I'm giving the team a deadline and making it public!

Are they up for the challenge?  Of course they are.  They always deliver for our clients, so I know they'll deliver on this one for me.

What am I framing?

Well, I want to frame my wedding dress.

It's our 15th wedding anniversary tomorrow and my gift to my wonderful husband is the task of framing my wedding dress (no pressure eh!).   The goal is to have it done by the beginning of November and I'm excited.  

We will keep you posted along the way on Facebook as they manfully work through this project.  

Do you have any special projects that have been on your "to do list" for ages?
Maybe with our spring sale, now is the time to get your creative juices flowing too.

Wish me luck and I look forward to showing you the finished piece!

Yes, this is us on our wedding day...looking a bit younger too!
Happy anniversary to my darling Adam - I love you xxx