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A life of adventure should not be forgotten

A life of adventure should not be forgotten

Travel breeds adventure and adventure demands stories.
Hair-raising tails from traipsing through Africa or romantic tales from the French Riviera, they all need to be told and be remembered. Our experiences shape us and typically, the more we travel - the more we learn.

Travel adventures can be heart-stopping or silly and if life isn't always as adventurous as we would like, then a bit of fun can glam up any moment.

After watching the Drew Barrymore re-make of “Charlie’s Angels” I, (like most females I think) secretly dreamed of being able to leap, sleuth and basically kick-ass like that dynamic trio. Of course my opportunities to solve mysteries and travel the world as a superior female spy were quite limited at the time. But I do have to confess that many years ago on great trip to Macau with some pals I was lucky to record my trip in a series of “Charlie’s Angels” photos! Have you ever done that? Given your travel photos a particular theme?

For us it meant that at every tourist spot or photo-worthy destination, the three of us would immediately go into our super “Charlie’s Angel” pose – arms outstretched, fingers pointed and girl-power ignited!

I actually came across these photos by accident a few months ago (they were pre-iphone and therefore actual, printed happy-snaps – hurray!) and I just burst out laughing looking at us posing so well and clearly having the time of our lives. It’s a funny thing isn’t it, when looking at photos – a couple of key images and suddenly you remember the moment, the time, the feeling and most importantly, the fun!

I’m just sorry I have had these photos tucked away for so long – now I’ve found them again I plan to celebrate my girl-power adventures with some awesome “Charlie’s Angels” wall art. I know each time I see these on the wall I’ll have a bit of a giggle and it will also remind me to kick some butt as well!

So while my adventure did not live up to Charlie's Angels - it certainly is not forgotten. And my friends and family will thank me for it - because looking at a few great images on the wall is a lot easier than listening to me go on for hours and hours about my fab holiday adventures!