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A Degree of Stress...

A Degree of Stress...

Study can be stressful! And whether it's a full blown degree, a special course you need for work or something you are passionate about - gaining a qualification is a big deal.

Many years ago I studied for a Masters in Finance (it seems like another world these days!) and when I look at my framed degree I always remember a particularly horrid exam I had once...

It was a national course and much of it was via distance education. On this exam day, there were a number of different courses being examined in the same room and probably about 200 hundred people waiting to enter.

They called out my course code to enter first and get settled. I met the supervisor there who gave me a bit of funny look and then led me through the hall where all the desks were set up for the exam. We walked to the front of the hall, then past the first row of desks and then, without saying a word she beckoned me to follow her. It was an older hall, with a stage at the front – elevated so that during a performance all of the audience can see. Without quite knowing how it came about, I was led up some back stairs and next thing I know I was sitting on the stage.

My single, lonely desk sitting there in the middle of the stage looking out on hundreds of other desks below!

Feeling extremely self-conscious I sat on my student throne and watched various students give me funny looks or nudge their friends and point up the front as they entered the room. It was a good lesson in pressure and making the best of an uncomfortable situation.

So I ignored my newfound spotlight, smiled determinedly to myself and put down my head and worked. I can’t remember my score on that exam – but I did complete my masters so I must have done something right – spotlight and all.

So if you have battled study, assignments, deadlines and even uncomfortable exams like me, find those important pieces of paper (probably still rolled up in the presentation tube) and consider how you would feel with them hanging on the wall instead of hiding in your drawer.

Leaving your certificates hidden away is like cooking a 6-course meal then eating it by yourself.
Don’t be a glutton – share your achievements and celebrate your own success.