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Well, here's some big news...

We are moving

We are changing

Big things are happening!

For over 20 years we have been located in Indooroopilly Centro Complex...but due to water problems in the building, we are moving - and doing it quickly!  

By 14 November we will be operating from our new premises which will be just up the road at: 
39 Campbell St,Toowong.

The good thing is that we are taking this opportunity to shake things up, move things around and....
Firstly,  I wanted to say a heart felt thank you to everyone for your support and very humbling comments in response to our last email.....it has been quite overwhelming.

I wrote about my illness not necessarily because I want everyone to know about my personal struggles but to....
Our trip to the Ekka this year was a very special event for our family as it marked the end of a very challenging 12 months which almost never happened.....
What do Art Land and Madonna have in common?

Sometimes if I compare myself to Madonna my wife looks at me and just rolls her eyes!

Aside from the obvious differences of "Mega-Superstar" compared to "Brisbane Family Business Owner", I think what I've learnt from Madonna over the years is that it's important to always look at ways to reinvent yourself.

From our humble perspective as a...
Do you know sometimes when you have a brilliant thought about a project and you keep thinking...."I must do that!"  

I have one of "those" ideas.And I have been talking about doing it for over 12 months now. And no, I haven't done it yet....
Is your inner clock on time?

There is a bit of folk lore at my place about time management....  
I prefer to look at it as extreme multi-tasking, but my husband assures me its got more to do with "running out of time and being late".   It could just be a...
Want to bring a little Italy into your living room? Add some style to your home?

We all know that when it comes to fashion, a "made in Italy" tag is synonymous with both style and quality.  And when it comes to framing design, as usual the Italians are leading the way with the ...
Dirt Bikes & Art...making it come together!

We pride ourselves on framing anything, but even our team stepped back a moment when our adventurous client from central Qld asked us to frame a dirt bike tyre....using the tyre itself as the frame!

But of course, we said...
Do you have bad art on your wall?  And by that I mean maybe a piece you inherited, a gift or just something that your other half treasures for some mad reason?  

Bad art happens.  

And when it's hanging in your home it can be awkward.  Because if you don't like looking at it, well, you won't like looking at it.  Ever.
   But the rule of thumb that you need to remember is...

Giving Gets Easy

Can you believe it's nearly Christmas again?  I swear I was just organising school books, making ambitious new year goals and planning for the Easter Bunny - where does the time go?  And are you now (like me) pushed for time and pulling your hair out trying to find the perfect gift for someone who already "has it all"?  

We all love to give gifts - it makes us feel good.  But in our materialistic society it can be increasingly difficult to find something that is memorable and personal.  In fact I think sometimes that finding the perfect gift can be like trying to find a park in a shopping centre on a 40 degree Brisbane day -  hard work!

Well, this Christmas ....

I grew up with both Star Wars, and two brothers, so it was inevitable that I would spend half my time pretending to be either Princess Leia (on a good hair day) or more often Chewbacca (on a bad hair day).  I remember...

No Walls? No Excuse!

Ever looked wistfully at art in a shop or gallery and thought “Oh well, if only I had room..”

We tend to think in a very linear manner when it comes to hanging pictures on our walls and think our walls are “full”. But there are a myriad of hanging and display solutions specifically designed for...

I am not a keen renovator.

I know the “DIY” attitude is inherently Australian, but somehow just watching those poor souls on “The Block” sanding walls at midnight is enough to make me break into a sweat.  But the trouble with these shows is that I can’t help but be inspired by the finished looks.   I confess, I’m addicted to the “before” and “after” shots and marvel at their ingenuity (whilst reclining on my couch at home)

But the thing is, I have a secret weapon for lazy renovators...

I happened to glance at a Star Trek movie last week on TV (don't judge me!), but I must confess, I'm not really a "Trekkie".  In fact when it comes to sci-fi movies in general, I'm a bit "ho-hum".

But as I sat and watched Mr Spock get "beamed up" it struck me why so many of these sci-fi movies do not appeal to me at all.  There is no colour.

Have a look and you'll see what I mean. Every space-ship and futuristic world that I can think of seems to be bereft of art and colour.  And it got me thinking as to why?  

Have you walked in the paths of the Pharaohs?  Explored the great pyramids and gazed upon the Sphinx?

If you have, you probably also have a papyrus as a memento of your journey.  
Papyrus is amazing art and an interesting material as well.  Made from the stem of the papyrus plant, the Egyptians created a writing surface that was essentially rot-resistant in their dry, hot conditions.

But, fast-forward to a hot, humid Brisbane summer and you can have serious issues when it comes to holding and displaying your gorgeous Egyptian spoils. Papyrus will attract mould and moisture in humid conditions which can lead to decay and discolouration for your art.

So how to ensure your papyrus will last?

Yes, everyone really does have one!

But sometimes it’s hard to find the inspiration or confidence to translate that look from the glossy magazine (or Pinterest) to your home.But with some expert help and a few key tips, you can quite easily unlock the secret to finding your inner interior designer.

I always hear people say “Oh, I’m not ‘arty’ like you” but really, what they mean is...

No need to cry over broken glass - it can be fixed!

In fact damaged prints and artworks - from broken glass to old chipped frames and mouldy mat boards can all be fixed, repaired or replaced.
Just the other day my brother handed me an old photo of his travelling adventures, which he found when cleaning up, and the glass was smashed. He was wavering between throwing it out and keeping it. But when I looked at it - it was an easy fix. We simply...
Study can be stressful! And whether it's a full blown degree, a special course you need for work or something you are passionate about - gaining a qualification is a big deal.

Many years ago I studied for a Masters in Finance (it seems like another world these days!) and when I look at my framed degree I always remember a particularly horrid exam I had once.

It was a..

Have you ever noticed prints on the wall with a faded, blue appearance?

That’s because the UV light has leeched the colour away and left a drab, bluish remnant. And you've probably noticed, red is often the first colour to fade and things don't look so good when the red has disappeared!

Why does it happen?

Are your blank walls crying out for art and colour?

For many people, buying art is an alien concept and rather than make a mistake - it's easier to just ignore it and live with blank walls a little longer. Choosing art can be like choosing a mobile phone plan – too many options and no way of knowing which one is best for you.

In our busy lives, art is luxury. It's not a basic necessity like food or shelter, butbuying art makes you feel goodand here's 3 good reasons why you should give it a go.

Like your own way? Don't mind calling the shots or leading the way?

You are not alone!

We all secretly like to have our own stamp of approval on things and why not I say? It's about knowing your own mind and trusting your own judgement. Powerful feelings.
The tricky thing is, often when it comes to home furnishings we can't have it all our own way...

Travel breeds adventure and adventure demands stories.
Hair-raising tails from traipsing through Africa or romantic tales from the French Riviera, they all need to be told and be remembered. Our experiences shape us and typically, the more we travel - the more we learn.

Travel adventures can be heart-stopping or silly and if life isn't always as adventurous as we would like, then a bit of fun can glam up any moment.

After watching the Drew Barrymore re-make of “Charlie’s Angels” I, (like most females I think) secretly dreamed of...

It’s true, I confess that I had a perm in the 80s and even, I shudder to remember, in the 1990s. At the time I was positive those contrived, chemical waves were for the best. Now those family photos make me think differently. That’s the dreadful thing about fashion crimes – one is always innocent at the time!

We can't do much about the shoulder pads and the perms from the 1980s but we can make sure those memories look as good as possible. While the hair styles and clothes make me giggle a bit in retrospect, when I look at my old photos, I don’t just remember the hair – I remember how I felt, where we were going and who I was with. And I always smile. That’s because the image is more than my perm, it’s my life.

Last week I heard an international colour expert explain that colour is another language and it’s one that not everyone is necessarily fluent in. I was struck by this concept as we all know people who say “I’m not artistic” or “I’m no good with picking colours and stuff” and I thought – is it simply that it’s a skill or a language we haven’t learnt? After all – who learns “colour” at school?

But the interesting thing is, everyone makes colour decisions every single day. Choosing the right combination of clothes to wear, how we paint or decorate our homes or even what colour car we drive are all colour decisions. And colour is memorable. We remember colours – more so than we remember many other details, for example footy teams, vehicles or just how we find someone in a crowd.

So if colour is the international language, how do we learn it and is it important?

Photography - it's a passion.  
Something compulsive about the lens, the weight of the camera, the lighting and of course - capturing moments that last a lifetime.

Protecting those moments and those special images though, is often outside the scope of the photographer.  And really, a good photographer needs to be passionate about the photo - and its up to specialists like Art Land to be passionate about the framing and conservation of the image.

Well - that's about to change!  Art Land is hosting a special information night on Thursday 5 September - specifically for professional photographers.  We'll be talking about the ins and outs of conservation framing, about design elements and also showcasing the very latest framing designs from Italy.  So if you are a professional photographer who would like to know more about framing and canvas options for your clients - this night is for you.

We will also be talking about why framing is important and how it can be an exciting add-on and not an added pressure for photographers.  

To register for this special, one-off event - please email info@artland.com.au or click here for some more information.

“Should I really frame that?” It’s a question we hear quite a lot, and is often followed with;

“but I only bought it for $15!”

Last weekend, I had multiple customers mentioning how they struggled to comprehend spending money on something that cost so little to buy in the first place.

So I put the question back to you all. Should you really frame that?

It’s true that life’s never quite perfect. But there’s no reason your photos can’t be!
You have an old photo of your parents on their wedding day and over the years, despite being in a frame, the photo has been damaged. The image has faded, it looks like it might even be stuck to the glass, and you see a range of funny brown marks eating their way through your photo. But just because it’s a photo doesn’t mean it is beyond repair.

The Easter Holidays are approaching. Time to pull out the paint, sparkles, and glue, and let the kids go wild – outside, where the mess is easier to clean up of course!

Kids love to create, especially on their holidays. So getting them painting and drawing is a fantastic way to fill your children’s holidays with fun activities.

Suzi just arrived back from an incredible trip through Egypt. Among all her clothes, photos and unbelievable memories, she brought back some fragile papyrus paintings. Somehow she managed to keep them safe on the trip home and now she wants them up on her walls. The only question is – how do you frame a papyrus authentically?

It’s quite common to end up with artwork that isn’t quite of your own choosing. A sentimental gift or inheritance might hold special memories – but it doesn’t always match your home or decor!

But don’t worry – it doesn’t have to be that way….

It’s a common question…. “Is custom framing expensive?”

And the simple answer is – it depends!

It really depends on your artwork and your style. You see, custom framing is one of the few design components for your home where you have the option to customise every single element. When we custom frame an artwork each component is ordered in specifically for your piece. It is truly 100% unique to you. And as you can imagine – the price will vary for each piece based on the materials and time it takes to build your custom frame.

Tips for Salvaging Flood Damaged Photos, Art Work, Documents & Books

Family photos, scrapbooks, memorabilia are irreplaceable and these losses can often be the hardest to accept when flooding or other disasters impact our homes. However, don’t be disheartened by the muddy, soggy mess you have uncovered from your home. Many of your photos and precious documents may be able to be saved and digitally restored with the correct treatment. Follow our tips and talk to our team about ways to protect, restore and rejuvenate your personal memories.

It took quite some time to get it perfect. The children would not stop fidgeting, then hubby’s eyes were closed, and the wind blew your hair all over your face. But after many, frustrating attempts, you finally achieve it!

The perfect family photo.

You print it out and can’t believe your luck – everyone looks just stunning. You give a sigh of relief as you slide it into a ready made frame, found a while ago in the local store, and hang it on your wall. But as you wander away, you have no idea of the danger to your perfect family photo…

Our designers are often approached with art works, that our clients have collected from overseas holidays, or small prints from online stores. Lovely pieces of work, that look absolutely stunning, but didn’t cost too much to purchase.
It was in the middle of a well overdue spring clean for her ageing mother that Narelle came across the shoebox. Nestled in between an old suitcase and a bundle of old clothes, it was tucked up in the back of the wardrobe, gathering dust. Moving the rapidly filling garbage bags out of the way, she crouched down and with careful hands brushed the worst of the dust from the top of the yellowing cardboard lid uncovering the words “Charles 1944” written in an elegant script in the top right hand corner.