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About Us

About Us

Our vision

Art Land is a family business and our vision is to share joy and beauty through the conservation framing of important memories and art.

As a progressive, generous business, we want to exceed our customer expectations, provide delightful service and unique, stunning designs and craftmanship.  Quite simply our vision is to be the best custom picture framer in Australia.

We constantly aim to find the right match between design and value so that your art is perfect for your home or office.   Whether the art is priceless, expensive or sentimental our goal is to make it look utterly amazing and perfect for you.

Our Custom Workshop

Art Land runs a fully operational, state-of-the art custom workshop on our premises at Toowong in Brisbane. Having an operational workshop on-site gives our customers complete confidence in knowing that their artwork will not be leaving our premises. We also want you to know that we do carry full and comprehensive insurance to cover all the goods held in our care. (And given the scope of artwork that we regularly frame – this is a substantial insurance policy.)

Quality is a word that is easy to talk about, but harder to demonstrate. Everyone intrinsically knows what quality is – we recognise it when we see it. Art Land works hard to ensure the consistent, high quality of our framing is part of a stringent quality control process in our custom workshop. For example, our head framer, personally reviews every job design to ensure that before construction the colours and proportions are correct. And in fact, if he is unclear about a design (and remembering that art and colour is a personal choice!) he has been known to call our customers to double check and make sure they are happy. The reason for this, is art is our passion and all of our team want your artwork, photos and memories to look amazing. We want you to think “Wow!” every time you walk past them in your home. And to do this, we double check everything and we use top quality materials with skill and patience.

Over the past five years we have been investing heavily in state-of-the art machinery to ensure our team have the best available tools and equipment and we match this with ongoing training. Our Gunnar computerised mat-cutter gives joy to both our framers and designers as the possibilities are almost endless. In fact most people are amazed at the technology and volume of equipment required to run a large custom framing workshop. Like all industries we have our own specialised equipment, industry standards and certified qualifications.

Equipment and skill are one side of the equation, but we also have rigorous procedures regarding the wrapping, storage and treatment of your artwork – both before and after framing. It’s processes like this – documented and enforced that give confidence to our customers and ensure we can take care of precious artworks.

So when you are thinking about framing, don’t risk your memories to unqualified, backyard operators who have old or dodgy equipment. Custom framing is a precision craft and Art Land has invested time, money and training to make sure our custom workshop is the right place for you and your art.


Our history

Art Land Framing & Furniture, now located in 1/39 Campbell St, Toowong has been an icon in the Western Suburbs of Brisbane for over 30 years.  Formally known as Art Land Indooroopilly the business is well known to both locals and artists. In 2005, Adam and Nicole Green purchased the business and since then they have been working hard to continue to build the Art Land name through excellent customer service and superior custom picture framing.

Over the past seven years, Adam and Nicole have implemented a number of strategic changes to the business to maintain steady business growth even in difficult economic conditions. Through the introduction of new services such as  photo and art restoration and canvas printing, Art Land has continued to focus on quality services that are relevant to our customer’s needs and expectations.

In 2009, as the popularity of online purchases increased, Art Land exited the highly competitive, price driven art materials market and decided to focus instead on the core picture framing business and complement this with home decor, gifts and bespoke timber furniture. This move has proven to be extremely popular.

In 2010 Art Land introduced Conservation Clear UV Glass as our standard glass, providing 99% UV protection to all of our picture framing customers. Focusing on high quality, acid-free materials Art Land has concentrated on serving our customers premium conservation framing.

As proof of our growing reputation for quality and design, in 2010 Art Land was also invited to be a Bellini moulding stockist. This range of imported, Italian picture frame moulding is available only to select picture framers in Australia and represents the latest in design and quality in the art market.

Art Land has a strong history of professional service and exceptional design and Adam and Nicole, together with the Art Land team, are committed to meeting  our vision to be Australia’s leading custom picture framing specialist.